Carol K.    May 8, 2017  

I have been a patient of Dr. Gilbert for almost 30 years. That fact alone says a lot about the kind of Dentist that he is and always has been since my very first visit. A lot of people face great fear at the thought of having to go to the dentist. I was one of those, that is until I had my first appointment with Dr. Gilbert.

My fears and nervousness was quickly removed after I saw what a concerning dentist he is. Soon after meeting him, I knew I was in safe, capable, caring hands. Since that first visit I have had many appointments at his office. The fear has long been erased. My dental health has greatly improved. And Dr Gilbert and his friendly, professional and caring staff have played a great part in that.

None of us want to feel like we are just a number or a dollar sign when we reach out for a doctor or dentist's help in order to relieve our discomfort. Dr Gilbert's personality alone let me know that I had made the best choice I ever could when I chose him as my dentist. I have been so impressed, that I have followed him as a patient after his practice has moved a couple of times.

Why?, because the trust I have in his skills and professionalism. I overwhelmingly recommend Dr Gilbert's practice to anyone who is looking for a dentist that will welcome you with a warm handshake and smile. I recommend him not just as a dentist, but one of the Washington areas best dentist. And I want to congratulate him for being recognized by his colleagues for being just that by survey in the Washingtonian Magazine.

Paul S.    February 17, 2017   Gaithersburg, MD   

Dr. Gilbert is a pleasant, professional, perfectionist and his entire staff made me feel like I was in good hands.

Randy C.    February 17, 2017   Rockville, MD   

Always pleasant, very concerned about pain. Does great work !

Jane D.    February 17, 2017   North Potomac, MD   

Always very professional and friendly. Christine is exceptional. She explain the procedure so I always know what to expect. Dr. Gilbert is very compassionate!

Molly L.    December 17, 2016   Rockville, MD   

Dr. Gilbert is more than helpful with my special circumstances and I really appreciate it.