Dental Restorations is the process of restoring damaged, broken-down or missing teeth to a healthy, functional and beautiful state. Dr. Keith A. Gilbert has extensive training and experience performing dental restorations and uses a variety of procedures to restore your teeth and smile. The method used will depend on the state of your teeth or the number of teeth missing, and your preferences. 

Years of experience and the gentle treatment of his patients have made Dr.Gilbert a successful dental restoration specialist. Dr. Gilbert would be happy to discuss how you can restore your teeth and obtain a healthy mouth and a bright, beautiful smile. Let’s briefly go through some of the restorations processes used by us:

CEREC (Same Visit Crown) – Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or CEREC are crowns built with 3D photography and computer technology by our staff on just a single patient visit. Covering everything in one visit, patients get their time’s worth.

Composite Fillings – Composite filling aka white filling aka porcelain filling is a popular way of keeping the natural color of your teeth. People choose fillings that match the natural texture of their teeth making them less noticeable as compared to traditional fillings.

Crowns (Caps) – Crowns or caps are used to cover the already damaged teeth that can still work if not damaged further.

Dentures & Partial Dentures – Missing or decayed teeth are replaced by Dentures or Partial Dentures, which are a type of false teeth built to keep away the cosmetic and health issues from decayed teeth.

Fixed Bridges – Similar to the dentures, fixed bridges are also used to replace missing teeth. But unlike dentures, fixed bridges are non-removable. They are considered as a perfect long-term solution.

Implant Crowns – A more complex method of replacing missing teeth, implant crowns are titanium screws placed by expert and experienced Periodontist or Dr. Gilbert himself.