Prevention and early detection are the keys to avoiding tooth decay and gum disease. A good home regimen, in addition to regular check-ups and visits, can spare you many expensive dental treatments. Prevention starts with controlling plaque, a colorless bacteria that sticks to the surface of your teeth, and calculus, a harder mineral deposit. These are the main sources of decay and disease. By maintaining a proper routine of daily hygiene, you can avoid most oral maladies.

Our hygienists are available to assist you with your hygiene and management of your gums. Dental Cleanings – Prevention Services.

Exams & Cleanings – Exams are usually performed by our specialists on your regular dental visits. The dental exam helps your dentist to detect problems at very early stages.
In case some issues are found, our dentists carry on with the cleaning process that usually implies a thorough removal of tartar, plaque, and teeth polishing.

X-Rays – X-rays are important to expose any tooth decays, tumors, bone loss, or cysts. They can also determine the root positions of teeth. Dental x-rays uncover the cavities and help dentists making a full treatment plan.

Home Care – As your dentists, we know you should stay healthy at home too. That is why we give you home care tips and demonstrate the perfect ways and times of doing flossing, teeth brushing, and rinsing.

Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing – The literal meaning of periodontal is ‘around the tooth’. An individual can have a number of periodontal or gum diseases and the cure to all of them depends upon their severity. Scaling and root planing, aka deep cleaning, is done only if the gum disease is on the advanced stage.

Sealants and Fluoride – No wonder Fluoride is found in almost every toothpaste since it helps prevent tooth decay. You should take professional Fluoride treatment twice a year.