Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing

Periodontal Scaling & root planing is also known as deep cleaning. Many patients ask what is the exact difference between normal and deep cleaning. The two procedures are quite different.

periodontalNormal cleaning is a procedure that is usually done twice a year on a relatively healthy patient. It is a prophylactic procedure that helps ensure continual gum health. Scaling and root planning is done on a patient with deep pockets where active periodontal disease is occurring. A patient is usually anesthetized on the half of the mouth being scaled. What follows is a deep scaling of all the teeth surfaces down to the base of the pockets. This active periodontal therapy rids one’s tooth surfaces of the calculus (tartar) that is the main cause of the periodontal inflammation (disease). It is highly recommended to have each side of the mouth done at separate appointments so that the patient does not get anesthetized on more than one half of the mouth.

Reasons Why Scaling and Root Planing is Done

Disease Prevention: Oral bacteria involved in periodontal infections can infect your other body parts by traveling via the bloodstream. There have been researches that found heart disease and lung infections associated with periodontal bacteria.
Tooth protection and better breath: All the pockets exceeding 3mm have a greater periodontal disease risk. Over that, bad breath or halitosis is the most common sign of this disease. Periodontal scaling and root planing can take care of both.
Aesthetic Effects: Apart from removing tartar and plaque, the process can be beneficial on other fronts too such as removing superficial stains.
Scaling and root planing is always performed by our experienced dentists after a thorough examination of the mouth. First, we take X-rays of all the teeth then we conduct a visual examination. Before beginning the procedures, we make a diagnosis report with the current condition of the teeth and gums, the depth of pockets, the amount of calculus or tartar present, and then we move on further with perfection.

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